The world we humans see is contingent and impermanent.  We understand it through a narrow band of senses that function, not as apertures, but rather as icons pointing to things we don't understand. Invariably, we mistake what we see for what is.

Yet, oblivious to all convictions, my illusory self feels fear and ease, grief and grace. My emotions seem as real as ice on a pond, a thickening bud, a shaft of light on a late summer afternoon.

When I photograph, the boundaries between myself and the rest of the world soften. I move through space. I make space.


After many years of working as a public interest lawyer, I found myself looking for a different way of being part of the world. Photography has become that alternative.

Most of my training has been at the International Center for Photography, where I completed the Advanced Track Program in 2018.

ICP was where I began to learn the difference between an image of a thing and an image about a thing. I am still learning.